My son took his life over ten years ago, he was a teenager and gay and closeted. We lived in the suburbs and he was shy. He had more girlfriends than guy friends and deep in my heart I knew that he liked boys. We never talked about sex at home. He grew up without a dad and we were close. I just could not bring myself to talk to him about sex and hoped that he would figure it out when he got to college. That never happened. I blamed myself for years for his death and looking back, I think I could have said, It’s okay for people of the same sex to love each other. I know that in sex-ed they told you that sex happens between a married man and woman. I don’t believe that. Sex happens when two people love each other. I think it’s okay for men to love each other and for two women to love each other.

I cried the day that gay marriage became legal. If my son had lived long enough, and I had made one positive remark, he may be alive today and happily married.