I don’t remember getting the “talk.” I always knew, because whenever I had a question about anything my mom always answered with unrestrained honesty. When I got into high school she stressed how important it was that if I thought I was going to get into a sexual relationship with a guy that I tell her so she could bring me to a clinic and I could get birth control. She always wanted me to know all of my options. And she was very aggressive in expressing to me that my parts were mine and only mine and that if I didn’t want somebody to touch me then they had no right to touch me. She told me everything I wanted to know because she never felt that she could talk to her parents and she wanted me to feel comfortable and shameless about my body and myself. The first and only time a boy touched me inappropriately(it was kind of an accident but it still really bugged me) I told my mom and we talked about it and then she taught me how to correctly punch someone. I cannot express what it meant to me as a awkward, unsure, nervous girl to know that if anything ever happened to me, or if I ever did anything stupid that I would have someone who would be there in an instant without judgement and someone who knew what to do to help me and make me comfortable. I’M SO GLAD MY MOM TOLD ME!