I never got any verbal communication, my mother would literally cover her ears any time I asked a question remotely linked to sexual behavior. I was shown NOVA’s “The Miracle of Life” by my grandmother. I was forced into the Catholic education system, so in 8th grade a Vietnamese girl got he period, so the girls were all taken into one room and taught menstruation – but only how to deal with it, the boys were taken into another room and shown a video. I was sexually manipulated/abused by a family member (much older – I was 15 he was 24) who was “teaching” me all about sex but I couldn’t tell anyone.

As an aside, my mother was raped when she was a child and so her perspective on sex was very warped and very painful. I am not surprised she never talked to me about it. To this day (I am 34 and she is 58) if I bring up a simple topic like condoms she will leave the table with her hands over her ears.

Now that I have children I need to learn how to talk to my kids about sex, about their bodies, about not letting anyone violate them. Thank you for this work!