I wanted my parents to tell me something! Anything! That I am not a bad person if I have “inappropriate” thoughts. That if I touch myself, I won’t go to hell. That by making the decision to have sex before marriage and wanting to be safe, protect myself…that they’ll still love me. That they won’t hate me, judge my for MY choice. Let me make a choice. Most importantly an EDUCATIONAL CHOICE. How am I supposed to do that in silence?! Looking up my questions online or with my friends who know just as much as I do is not okay. But you never made me feel okay talking to you. I was full of shame after my first experience. I only heard don’t do it growing up. Don’t do what? It took me 3 years to self heal myself and I love who I am. I wish I could share my experience with you without disappointing you, trust me I was disappointed in myself for a long time. I am still a “good girl”. You left out all of the emotional and mental aspects of sex too…don’t wait until someone is 21 years old to have the conversation.