I don’t remember my parents ever specifically explaining to me what sex was, but I do remember my Mother and church telling me from a young age that sex was something that was to be saved for marriage. The only specific comment about sex that I remember my very opitionated Italian Mother saying was that I shouldn’t have sex because all men are pigs. It wasn’t until I lost my virginity at age 14 that my Mother finally decided to have a “real” sex talk with me, because my older brother had found out I was having sex. She explained safe sex to me and said she “wished I would have waited”, but told me she loved me regardless of what I chose to do. I wish she would have told me that I did not have to feel ashamed of what I did, and that sex not only affects people physically, but mentally as well. I also wish she would have told me that it is not marriage that determines if you’re ready, but your willingness, knowledge, and self-discovery that proves you’re ready to have sex. I now realize that at the time I lost my virginity, I was not actually ready. If I would have known more than my Mother’s negative opinions on men and sex before marriage, I believe I would have been able to make a better judgement about sex.